Our longing for nature only increases as our lives become further from it.

The animals appear familiar yet distinct from man. Their otherness intrigues us, questions our own importance. We are in conflict with nature but at the same time, in awe of it. We hold a childlike longing for it but continue to alienate ourselves from it.

The subjects here inhabit a stark environment, very different from the one in which they are usually found. Like man, they have become misplaced and detached from their primal origins.

The paintings are large, bold expressions that celebrate the natural world. They preserve what exists and explore our relationship with nature, past and present.

Layers of oil paint are placed onto the canvas and played with using a rag or large brush to extract the light and tease out the form, the paint’s fluidity demanding an immediate way of working. Through the fragile but energetic layers, an animal jumps out at you, exposing vulnerability, proud in its statuesque pose, it invites you to look deeper and engage with something more than ourselves.

These paintings put us in our place, representations of the ‘other’, they still our human anxieties but disturb something else. You can admire the beautiful but strange forms of nature, become at once enticed by it, but also slightly afraid.


2004 Eversheds Purchase Prize
2003 Dulcie Mayne Stephens Travel Bursary


2015 McAllister Thomas Fine Art, Surrey
2015 Badminton School Arts Centre, Bristol
2015 Frome Art Fair w/ Black Swan Arts, Frome
2014 Gravitas, Purifier House, Bristol
2014 Solo Show, Antlers & Jeffery Breeze, 9a, Margret’s Buildings, Bath
2013 Group Show, Innocent Fine Art, Bristol
2013 Spring Show, Josie Eastwood Fine Art, Winchester
2012 Midwinter, The Bomb Shelter, Beer, Devon
2012 Antlers Gallery Winter Shop, Victorian Cloakroom, Bristol
2012 Other Nature, Antlers, Frameless Gallery, London
2012 Group Show, Innocent Fine Art, Bristol
2011 No.1 Harbourside, Bristol
2011 Urban Wood Restaurant, Antlers, Bristol
2011 Solo Show, Urban Outfitters, Bristol
2011 Inside-Out, RWA, Bristol
2010 Art Box (pop-up), Park Street, Bristol
2010 The Play Of Light And Dark, Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford
2010 Solo Show, Knifesmith Gallery, Bristol
2009 Drawn In, Sidcot Arts centre, Bristol
2007 Bath Society Of Artists 101st Annual Show, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath
2007 Undo, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol
2004 Arts For Youth Wales, City Hall, Cardiff
2004 Bath Society Of Artists 99th Annual Show, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath
2004 Solo Show, The Sugar Bar, Cardiff
2003 The Hans Brinker Hotel Exhibition, Amsterdam
2003 Art Age, Lichfield
2003 Periphery, G39 Gallery, Cardiff